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Turnkey Art Solutions

When you commission art for your organisation, you don't want things left undone. We are the only true full-service art consultancy in Australia, offering turnkey solutions to small and large projects, including the following:

  • Site-specific creative concept

  • Traditional art consultancy (research, selection and procurement)

  • Art commission management

  • Installation design

  • Systematic wall inventory

  • Collection policy and rationale

  • Appraisals, secondary market purchase and sale

  • Custom printing and framing

  • Sculpture fabrication

  • Professional installation

Art offers a unique set of tools for communicating your mission and values, both directly and indirectly. As such, we can create lateral solutions that your architect or interior designer simply won't have considered.


We are frequently invited to participate in building projects during early design development, where the widest range of potential solutions are still available. However, our unusually large capability scope allows great latitude for affordable solutions, even where projects are well-advanced.

We also excel in retrofitting existing facilities to look their best, often on tight budgets. Though a judicious combination of design elements, including art, dramatic improvements can be made to the presentation of entrance foyers, corridors, boardrooms, waiting areas and other key spaces.

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